Foredrag på NDC 2011

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Da er det offisielt: Jeg skal holde foredrag på Norwegian Developers Conference 2011 i Oslo Spektrum 8.-10. juni.  Det blir blant andre Scott Guthrie, Jon Skeet, Robert C. Martin, Kevlin Henney og meg Smile

Jeg både gleder og gruer meg stort til dette.  Tittel på foredraget er “Entity Framework 4 – Get Started Now”:

ADO.NET Entity Framework 4 (EF4) has been around for quite some time, and it is Microsoft way of doing object-relational mapping (ORM).  Still, many developers have not started using it.  This presentation will show three different ways of using EF4: Database-first, Model-first and Code-first.

Related to Entity Framework there are scaffolding techniques available.  Applications can be created quickly using ASP.NET Dynamic Data and MvcScaffolding (ASP.NET MVC3), and this will be shown.

The goal of the talk is to get the developers aware of different ways of working with EF4, so that they can make better decisions when and how to use it.